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Housing, Health, and LGBTQIA+ Older Adults | 2021

This publication provides health centers with promising practices for supporting LGBTQIA+ older adults with their housing and related health care needs, including screening for homelessness and housing, supporting aging in place, providing affirming referrals for housing and supportive services, and offering inclusive health care environments.

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Organizational and Human Resources Policies for an LGBTQIA+ Workforce

This training is aimed at increasing the ability of health centers to improve recruitment, hiring and retention of LGBTQIA+ staff and providers. Participants will learn about the integration of staff into professional and clinical teams, the development of affirming and inclusive HR forms, practices and policies, and the importance of an affirming work culture in the retention of an LGBTQIA+ workforce.

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Engaging the Families of Transgender and Gender Diverse Children | 2021

This publication engages pediatric primary care providers, mental health providers, health center administrators and support staff in learning how to actively engage families
in the support of their transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) children, with the aim of improving the health outcomes for TGD youth. Providers will learn best practices for serving the families of TGD youth, and strategies for successfully providing resources and referrals in response to a variety of family and patient needs and priorities.

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LGBTQIA+ Youth and Experiences of Human Trafficking: A Healing-Centered Approach

This publication provides a framework for understanding the forces that drive human trafficking among LGBTQIA+ youth, and offers recommendations for providing meaningful, affirming, and non-judgmental care through the application of a healing-centered approach.

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HIV and Diabetes Mellitus

This 2021 fact sheet from the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center provides information for health centers to manage co-occurring diabetes and HIV, including information about the metabolic side effects of antiretroviral medications.

HIV Testing, Prevention, and Treatment for Sexual and Gender Minority People

This module reviews current methods and recommendations for HIV testing, prevention, and treatment for LGBTQIA+ people, including information on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention.

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Behavioral Health Care for LGBTQIA+ People

This module discuses behavioral health disparities faced by LGBTQIA+ populations, and discusses evidence-based clinical practices in LGBTQIA+ behavioral health care.

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Healthcare for LGBTQIA+ Youth

This module discusses the unique health and developmental challenges of LGBTQIA+ youth and describes ways to address these issues in clinical settings.

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Healthcare for LGBTQIA+ Older Adults

This module provides an overview of the unique medical, behavioral health, and social service needs of LGBTQIA+ older adults, as well as strategies to address these needs.

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Foundations of LGBTQIA+ Health, Part 2: For Clinicians

This module builds off the Foundations of LGBTQIA+ Health Part 1 by offering specific information for clinicians, including: effective communication with LGBTQIA+ patients, asking about sexual orientation and gender identity, and addressing health disparities through clinical care.

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