Project ECHO

The ECHO model breaks down the walls between specialty and primary care. It links expert specialist teams at an academic ‘hub’ with primary care clinicians in local communities – the ‘spokes’ of the model. Together, they participate in teleECHO clinics, which are like virtual grand rounds, combined with mentoring and patient case presentations. During teleECHO clinics, primary care clinicians from multiple sites present patient cases to the specialist teams and to each other, discuss new developments relating to their patients, and determine treatment.

Specialists serve as mentors and colleagues, sharing their medical knowledge and expertise with primary care clinicians. Essentially, ECHO® creates ongoing learning communities where primary care clinicians receive support and develop the skills they need to treat a particular population or condition. As a result, they can provide comprehensive, best-practice care to patients with complex health conditions, right where they live.

Our ECHO Programs

Transgender Health ECHO

Wednesdays, 2pm-4pm ET (once monthly for 12 months)

Next cohort begins January 2021

Your health center will work alongside other health centers to create systems of care that support your transgender and gender-diverse patients. Transgender Health ECHO is an opportunity for your health center to learn from experts and apply those learnings to increase the availability of culturally-responsible, comprehensive primary care for transgender people.

Due to current funding restrictions, our ECHO programs are only open to Federally Qualified Health Centers. For more information, email us at