Chris Grasso, MPH

Chris Grasso serves as Fenway’s Associate Vice President for Health Informatics and Data Services. She has over 20 years of experience working in the healthcare, public health, research and technology fields. Under her leadership, Fenway has been an early adopter of Health Information Technology (HIT) and she has developed tools to improve data capture and support clinical decision-making.

She has worked on numerous interoperability projects with both Fenway’s EHR vendor and other external partners. She was instrumental in getting Sexual Orientation (SO) and Gender Identity (GI) fields integrated into Fenway’s EHR installation, which shaped the SOGI requirements for ONC 2015 EHR Certification and UDS SOGI reporting requirements. She has advised EHR vendors on incorporating SOGI questions into their products, as well as making their products more LGBTQ inclusive.

She has provided training to health care organizations and networks on how to implement the SOGI questions and analyze LGBTQIA+ health outcomes. She has provided guidance, technical assistance and consultation on federal initiatives to streamline and improve data capture and reporting processes.

She participates on local and national advisory boards, provides consultation and technical assistance to federal agencies and health centers on HIT and data management. She has collaborated with external partners on developing and validating care cascades and treatment algorithms. She oversees Fenway’s participation in 4 national data registry research projects, whose funders include NIH and PCORI, where data are combined into a shared clinical database to evaluate patient outcomes in real world settings. She has co-authored over 40 publications and presented at national conferences. Under Chris’s direction, her department has provided data for over 200 combined grant applications, manuscripts, concept proposals, data analysis sets and conference abstracts. She is proficient in a number of software packages and programming languages.