Learning Resources — Webinars in Transgender Health

Transgender Legal Services and Medical-Legal Partnerships

Transgender people have unprecedented access to medical care, but pervasive health disparities persist. Widespread discrimination in health insurance, employment, housing and education, and barriers to obtaining accurate identity documents continue to undermine the health of transgender people. Health care providers play an important role in connecting patients to needed legal services. This can be effectively accomplished through integrated services of a medical-legal partnership that specifically meets the needs of transgender patients.

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Behavioral Health Care for Transgender Adults

In this webinar, Dr. Keuroghlian will discuss behavioral health care needs for transgender adults and best practices, including adaptation of a minority stress framework in clinical practice, treatment for depression and anxiety, addressing substance use disorders, implementing principles of trauma-informed care, and considerations related to suicide prevention. The webinar will also address the role that behavioral health clinicians play in the gender affirmation process.

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What Health Care Providers Need to Know About Transgender Legal Issues

In this talk, Noah Lewis discusses legal issues that transgender people face and how health care providers play an important role in connecting patients to needed legal services including health insurance, employment, housing and education, and obtaining accurate identity documents.

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The Global Trans Community Responding to HIV

In this talk, JoAnne Keatley, MSW, discusses how transgender and non-binary communities are engaging in self-advocacy around HIV prevention, treatment, and research. Keatley focuses particularly on IRGT, a global network of transwomen and HIV, and how this international organization focuses on HIV prevention and treatment that is tailored to the particular needs of transgender women. Some of the other issues addressed by Keatley include how transmasculine people are working to have their identities acknowledged in data collection so that they are not grouped with cisgender men who have sex with men, how many transgender-led organizations are working to simultaneously address human rights issues alongside HIV work, and how peer-led education strategies can be extremely effective in combating HIV in transgender communities.

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PrEP and Transgender Communities: Evidence Informed Practices

In this talk, Dr. Tonia Poteat discusses best practices for prescribing and using PrEP among transgender patients.

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Delivering HIV Prevention and Care to Transgender People

The web-based CME/CEU is designed to assist health providers caring for transgender people, with a focus on transgender women. The program presents the latest data on transgender people and HIV, describes the roles stigma and discrimination play in contributing to health disparities, and provides tips on how to provide patient-centered care specific to the needs of transgender people. The program presents strategies to make clinical environments more welcoming to transgender patients and covers critical topics in HIV prevention and care—including PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis); initiation of and adherence to ART (antiretroviral therapy); safer sexual behaviors; STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and HIV; and other important topics such as drug interactions with affirming hormonal therapy, partner services, and referral resources.

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