Recruiting, Training, and Retaining LGBTQ-Proficient Clinical Providers: A Workforce Development Toolkit

As lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people increasingly access care at health centers, the clinical workforce needs to be prepared to meet the unique health needs of LGBTQ patients. Finding LGBTQ-proficient providers, however, can present a challenge, especially outside major metropolitan areas.

In this toolkit, we provide tips and strategies for:

  • 1) Recruiting providers who are either already proficient in LGBTQ health care, or who demonstrate an interest in, and capacity for proficiency in LGBTQ health care;
  • 2) Developing the knowledge and skills of providers to care for LGBTQ patients through training and other professional development opportunities, and;
  • 3) Implementing changes to workplace culture, policies, and processes in order to retain LGBTQ-proficient providers.