Do It Daily: Bathroom

This resource is outdated and no longer available for download. It is presented here for archival purposes only.

The ‘Do It Daily’ campaign was designed by the AIDS Action Committee, and emerged in response to the lack of awareness about Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) while surveying people in populations with active HIV transmission.

AIDS Action Committee developed three central themes for the campaign:

  • Convey a sense of confidence that would motivate people to learn more.
  • Highlight the importance of maintaining daily use (remaining adherent) in order for PrEP to be effective.
  • Remind people that this isn’t about sex, this is about having a healthy active sex life whatever that means for you regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, behavior, or age.

‘Do It Daily’ isn’t just a call for those at risk of becoming infected with HIV to be adherent to PrEP.  It is call for all of us to live a full, active, satisfying life without compromising on our health in the process.

  • Be honest with yourself
  • Live free
  • And if you’ve had a recent STI; Get PrEP & Do It Daily