HIV Prevention and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis ECHO

Through the use of the groundbreaking Project ECHO model, and web-based video conferencing technology, your health center will work alongside other health centers to create systems of care that support patients with HIV. HIV/PrEP ECHO is an opportunity for your health center to learn from experts and apply those learnings to increase the availability of culturally-responsible, comprehensive primary care for people with HIV.

HIV Prevention/PrEP ECHO Learning Objectives:

  1. Improve my ability and my organization’s ability to provide high-quality care for people with HIV.
  2. Build relationships with other organizations that will facilitate peer learning experiences, both during the ECHO sessions and beyond.
  3. Develop and refine strategies that enable my organization to collect HIV and PrEP data to improve health services and patient outcomes.

Who should participate?

  • Providers who are currently providing care to people with HIV.
  • Health Center Staff with an ability to commit to 12 two-hour sessions in 6 months.
  • Providers with an interest in the opportunity to tap into the collaborative power of health center teams and public health experts.

Are you currently participating in HIV Prevention/PrEP ECHO? If so, click below for access to recordings, survey links and additional resources.

For more information on the HIV/PrEP ECHO program, email [email protected].