Culturally Responsive Cervical and Breast Cancer Screenings for LGBTQIA+ Communities

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This webinar will discuss performing cervical and breast cancer screening exams in a way that is affirming for LGBTQIA+ patients. We will review patient communication, preparation and completion of the exams, and gender affirming clinical documentation. This session will support health centers in population needs assessment and management, community needs and resource mapping, and clinical effectiveness of care within the population health and social determinants of health domain.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the specific healthcare needs of LGBTQIA+ people in cervical and breast cancer screenings, focusing on culturally responsive and gender-affirming approaches.
  2. Develop skills for conducting LGBTQIA+ population needs assessments and implementing tailored management strategies to address disparities in cancer screening.
  3. Acquire knowledge and tools for community needs and resource mapping to enhance accessibility and inclusivity of cervical and breast cancer screening programs for LGBTQIA+ communities.
  4. Improve clinical effectiveness by applying evidence-based practices in providing cervical and breast cancer screenings through considering population health and social determinants of health of LGBTQIA+ people.