Addressing Social Determinants of Health among LGBTQ Latinx Young Adults

This resource is outdated and no longer available for download. It is presented here for archival purposes only.

Latino(a) youth and young adult men who have sex with men or who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender often face stigma, discrimination, and language barriers that prevent them from accessing prevention and treatment at health care centers, and leaving them vulnerable to high rates of HIV and other health disparities. In this session, panelists Suyanna Linhales Barker, DrPH; Manuel Diaz-Ramirez, and Alexa Rodriguez, all from La Clinica del Pueblo, will discuss the social determinants of health that create barriers to prevention and care for young adult Latino(a)s. The panelists will draw on their experiences working with this population, including young Latinos living with HIV, and transgender latino(a)s in the Washington, DC area to give participants the tools to recognize barriers within their own organizations to better facilitate prevention and care opportunities for transgender and MSM Latino young adults.