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Telehealth for Psychiatry and Mental Healthcare Can Improve Access and Patient Outcomes

Use of telepsychiatry increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in greater access and the potential for improved care, although barriers to wider adoption remain.  As far back as 1878, telehealth has been used to connect clinicians to patients, with great leaps forward occurring in the late twentieth century, as the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration monitored astronauts’ physiological well-being in space using remote medicine.

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Advancing Pediatric Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection

The population of youths reporting sexual and gender minority (SGM) identities is growing in the United States. Protecting and promoting the health of SGM youths is a priority for the health system, and collection of SOGI data is a necessary step toward achieving this goal. Concerted efforts from providers, public health leaders, and policymakers are critical for addressing existing barriers to collecting SOGI information among pediatric patients.

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HIV Prevention Learning Collaborative Summary

From December 2020 through April 2023, the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center developed and facilitated three HIV prevention learning collaborative cohorts involving 29 organizations and 79 participants. Participants represented a range of role groups within health centers and worked in diverse locations around the country. Overall, participants described a significant amount of knowledge gained from the sessions and satisfaction with the training. Two of the cohorts overlapped with the Covid-19 pandemic; the learning collaborative’s virtual format was conducive to pandemic limitations on in-person gatherings, and the program provided a strategy to continue building capacity for PrEP during and despite the pandemic. Key lessons from the learning collaborative program include the importance of training about logistical and programmatic aspects of PrEP, the feasibility and desirability of engaging multidisciplinary teams in PrEP training, balancing education about scientific advancements in PrEP with content on implementation and addressing HIV risk perception and adherence. Going forward, we aim to create new content on risk perception and adherence and institute systematic evaluations of the learning collaborative cohorts to facilitate ongoing innovation and improvement.

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Article: Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health: An International Professional Development Conference on Affirming Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse People

Increasing workforce capacity to provide knowledgeable, skilled, and affirming care for transgender and gender diverse people is critical to reduce health inequities; however, few clinicians receive sufficient training on this topic. This article describes Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health (AETH), an annual international conference that offers continuing professional development on evidence-based medical and behavioral healthcare for transgender and gender diverse people across the lifespan.

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