Upcoming Webinars in March

The National LGBT Health Education Center is excited to announce the following upcoming live webinars in March.

Details and registration information are provided by clicking "Read More." CMEs are available.

March 19, 2pm-3pm ET"Sexual Health and Wellness for LGBTQIA+ Older Adults"
March 25 , 1pm-2pm ET "Caring for Intersex Patients at Health Centers"
March 25 , 1pm-2pm ET "Diabetes, Heart Health and LGBTQIA+ People"
March 26, 2pm-3pm ET "Transgender Health and Medical-Legal Partnerships"

Sexual Health and Wellness for LGBTQIA+ Older Adults

Date/Time: Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT
Faculty: Kevin Ard, MD, MPH - Medical Director, National LGBT Health Education Center; Infectious Disease Faculty, Massachusetts General Hospital; Instructor, Harvard Medical School and Lisa Krinsky, LICSW - Director of the LGBT Aging Project

Continuing our series on LGBTQIA+ older adults and sexual health, in this webinar we will discuss HIV and STI prevention at health centers and explore screening and management considerations specific to an older adult population. We will begin by discussing a destigmatizing, affirmative approach for health centers to support sexual health for older adults, and what this support looks like for LGBTQIA+ older adults. In addition to discussing psychosocial components of positively supporting older adults' sexual health, we will discuss how to integrate best practices in culturally responsive care with medication treatment options at health centers.

Caring for Intersex Patients at Health Centers

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 1:00pm EDT
Faculty: Susan E Stred, MD and Kimberly Zieselman, JD, interACT

In this webinar we will define what it means to be intersex, address common misconceptions about intersex experience, discuss specific challenges faced by the intersex communities in accessing high-quality care, and outline best practices for how providers at health centers can effectively serve intersex patients.

Diabetes, Heart Health and LGBTQIA+ People

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 1:00pm EDT
Faculty: Dr. Alex Keuroghlian. Director, National LGBT Health Education Center; Alyssa Pressley, Director, Know Diabetes by Heart

This webinar will discuss ways in which LGBTQIA+ people are disproportionately affected by diabetes and heart disease, specific disparities LGBTQIA+ people disproportionately face in theseareas, and how health centers can assist with providing tailored and culturally responsive care to meet the needs of their LGBTQIA+ patients.

Transgender Health and Medical Legal Partnerships

Date/Time: Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 2:00PM EDT
Faculty: Noah Lewis, Executive Director, Transcend Legal

Discrimination in all sectors of society, including in education, health care, housing, and employment, makes transgender people disproportionately vulnerable to depression, suicidality, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorders, physical and sexual victimization, and HIV infection. Transgender people have a critical need for access to quality, gender-affirming health care, as well as access to legal services that support them in addressing discrimination. To truly meet the complex needs of transgender patients, health care teams benefit from legal expertise to help navigate problems that go well beyond the health center's door. Health centers that serve transgender patients are starting to integrate on-site legal care through medical-legal partnerships in order to provide patients with legal services for social and structural issues that are directly affecting their health.