Learning Resources — Webinars in LGBTQIA+ Children and Youth

Family Systems of Transgender Youth

In this talk from the 2020 Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health conference, Dr. Katz-Wise demonstrates the relevance of using a family systems approach in clinical work with transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) youth and families, by identifying how family functioning is associated with mental health of TGD youth, and considering relationships among TGD youth and their caregivers.

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Gender Diversity and Affirmation for Children and Adolescents

This webinar covers behavioral health considerations for gender diverse youth, pubertal blockade as part of a gender affirmation strategy, and a holistic care-team approach to working with gender diverse young people. Dr. Carswell and Dr. McGregor describe the team-based care approach used at Boston Children's Hospital's GEMS Clinic.

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Gender Diverse Youth: Blockers and Hormones

In this presentation, Dr. Jeremi Carswell discusses gender diverse treatment in youth and the rational for certain therapies and discusses the different therapies, focusing on blockers.

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Addressing Obesity, Feeding and Eating Disorders, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder among LGBTQ Youth

Many young LGBTQ people contend with bullying, rejection, and other identity-related stressors at school and at home. For some, these challenges negatively affect their eating behaviors and body image, which can lead to excessive weight gain or loss, as well as eating and feeding disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. This webinar will teach providers how to use a culturally-responsive approach to preventing, identifying, and treating obesity, eating and feeding disorders, and body dysmorphic disorder among LGBTQ youth .We will also discuss pediatric endocrinology considerations as they relate to weight/gain and obesity among transgender youth.

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Gender Nonconforming Youth in Pediatrics & Primary Care: Opportunities for Better Outcomes

This session offers strategies for providers to provide inclusive, welcoming care to gender diverse children, teens, and young adults. Dr. Forcier reviews developmental models, discusses how providers can explore gender expansiveness with youth and their parents, reviews pubertal blockade options, and discusses the importance of parental support of gender nonconforming children.

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