Learning Resources — Webinars in Diabetes and Heart Health

Health Benefits and Considerations of Sports Participation and Physical Activity for Transgender and Gender Diverse People

This webinar will present the unique barriers to and benefits of physical activity and sports participation for transgender and gender diverse (TGD) persons. Presenters will discuss the legal, social, and medical barriers to engagement, including accessibility and safety. The webinar will highlight medical and mental health benefits specific to TGD persons, including with regard to osteopenia/osteoporosis, obesity, hypertension, minimization of gender dysphoria, and other mental health benefits. Participants will hear directly from a transgender athlete about their experience navigating sports participation and from a clinician on best practices for engaging TGD patients with compassionate informed support and connecting them to affirming sports-related resources.

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COVID-19 and Diabetes

The goal of this webinar is to increase the capacity of health centers to meet the health care and support needs of LGBTQIA+ patients who are living with diabetes during a global pandemic. Participants will discover how COVID-19 has changed the landscape of diabetes prevention, care, and management, particularly for LGBTQIA+ people, and learn promising practices to improve health outcomes.

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HIV and Diabetes

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This webinar, intended for our clinical audience, will explore best practices for the management of co-occurring HIV and diabetes. Drs. Janet Lo and Kevin Ard will present cases highlighting the risk of developing diabetes among patients with HIV. Participants of this webinar will learn about the metabolic side effects of antiretroviral medications and discuss drug interactions between anti-diabetic and antiretroviral medications.

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Diabetes, Heart Disease, and LGBTQIA+ Populations

Dr. Alex Gonzalez of Fenway Health  and Katherine Overton of the American Heart Association discuss diabetes and heart disease in LGBTQIA+ populations. This webinar covers issues around social determinants of health that make sexual and gender minorities more likely to have diabetes, and discusses tools for managing diabetes in special populations, such as the American Heart Association's "Know Diabetes by Heart" initiative.

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Considerations for Heart Health of LGBT Identified Patients

Lisa Neff, Community Impact Director at the American Heart Association and Dr. Alex Gonzalez, Medical Director at Fenway Community Health, will discuss cholesterol, diabetes, and other heart health considerations as they pertain to the LGBTQ community. The webinar will cover strategies for care including the AHA's Check. Change. Control, Cholesterol program and diabetes management strategies tailored to the needs of LGBTQ people.

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