Nikk Selik (he/him)

Nikk Cochran Selik is the Rural TransECHO Project Coordinator at The Fenway Institute. Nikk is a consultant and speaker who has worked with numerous organizations, businesses, universities, schools, and families across the country to promote awareness around transgender identity. Hailing from the Midwest, Nikk has been an active leader in the Chicago trans community. In 2016, he founded the organization, T-MAC: Transmasculine Alliance Chicago, which is now one of the largest trans-led organizations in the Midwest. He also partnered with other local leaders in the trans community to establish T-FEM, the transfeminine counterpart of T-MAC. Nikk has also been working closely with Northwestern Medicine to develop their Gender Pathways Program, as well as advance the overall quality of trans-affirming health care through internal competency trainings. Additionally, Nikk has worked with Lurie Children’s Hospital as a volunteer in their TransMentor Program, in which he served as a mentor for trans and gender diverse teens. He has also independently developed and facilitated seminars designed especially for parents and family members of trans youth and adults. In 2018, Nikk received the Windy City Times “30 Under 30” award for outstanding contributions to the Chicago LGBTQ community. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Film/Video from Columbia College Chicago.